About Us

Ecosolar International Ltd
As our name implies, provides and deploys solar energy to all consumers of powering all sectors of the Nigerian economy. Solar energy (energy from the sun) is the most attractive and best alternative to all other sources of renewable energy supply in developed and developing economies all over the globe. It is among the developing nations especially in Sub-Saharan Africa that Solar electric energy has not been fully harnessed despite the abundant free energy from the sun bestowed on us by nature.

We are here to transform the visionless into reality by providing complete solar electric energy for the comfort of your household, communities and industries.

Our Background
Ecosolar International has been involved in the designing and installation of solar power systems over the last two decades. We install as well as fabricate various types of solar power equipments for both residential and industrial sector. We also install off grid systems in remote areas from the national grid. We install and maintain street lights using solar technology. We collaborate with universities, polytechnics and industrial concerns to train engineers, professionals and non professionals in the field of renewable energy.

Our Mission
To Bring affordable renewable energy system to every home, industry and corporate entities in Nigeria, maximizing the use of the abundant energy from the sun wind and biomass.