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Product Description

There are two main types of inverters:

Pure Sine Wave (PSW)

Pure Sine Wave Inverters produce very high quality power, often with less spikesand surges that grid supplied power. PSW Inverters can power just about any appliance that can accept 240v AC input.

Modified Sine Wave (MSW)

Modified Sine Wave inverters usually cost less than PSW units, however the power they produce is not as ‘clean’ and can cause interference problems with some appliances.

Pure Sine Models

(15kVA – 100kVA), (3KW – 100KW), (500VA – 5000VA), (5kVA – 10kVA), (10kVA – 100kVA)

Home UPS

(400W – 2000W), (400VA – 1400VA), (1400VA – 3.5kVA), (560VA – 1400VA), (1kVA – 10kVA)

 Modified Sine Wave



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